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Hiya! I'm CK 👋🏽

"Wait what?!" Yes, you read that right!!

I'm actually a law clerk and law student who once aspired to be a kickass barrister, but then I discovered Brand Designing and realised it was my deeper passion and would give me more fulfilment.

Before Brand Designing, I was simply running a digital planner store. Inspired by a Brand Guidelines Template I saw on Etsy, I decided to invest more effort into the branding for my online store, to drive more sales and brand awareness because the digital planners industry is suuuuuper saturated.

Now, I've connected with more of my people, am building an intimate and supportive community, and I'm more confident and authentic than ever in my business.

And I want to achieve the same results for action-taking founders and solopreneurs like you!

My current obsessions 👇🏽

I'm a budding Brand Designer based in Brisbane, Australia, who wants to do nothing more than design colourful, expressive identities for founders and service providers, so they can really let their inner creative shine and see their big picture visions come to life!

Ditching the stability in law, to help you bring your big picture vision to life

It's MORE than just pretty visuals and strategy here!

My creative code

Together is Better

Zest for Creating

I believe your brand should inspire and excite you to keep creating, both in your professional and personal life!

That's what happens when your brand is directly translated from the unique, big picture vision you have - you feel natural sense of motivation and drive to keep doing the things you're passionate about.

When I say we're co-creating, I mean it! My process is collaborative where you play a more active role, so that your new brand aligns strategically with your goals, but also serves as an extension of yourself, your passion and your inner creative.

I value not only creating a collaborative experience, but also a collaborative community where fellow productive creatives can connect, share ideas, and support each other. You can join my community page here!

Uncomfortable, Continuous Growth

Creative Empowerment

You're a dreamer and a visionary, so all I want to do is support you by developing and implementing strategies that can help you break your glass ceilings and unlock your business' true growth potential!

Through my brand solutions, I empower founders and service providers to discover and embrace their creative strength.

I truly believe we ALL have creative potential and nurturing our inner creative is what will help us fulfill our true potentials! 

Meet Zotto! 🦦

Oh the otter? He's my mascot! Isn't he the cutest?! 😭

Some might think he's too whimsical and playful that it makes me look unprofessional or child-like.

But he represents a lot of what I believe in as an individual and designer, and what I want to bring to your branding:

Click the arrows to dress him up!

Professional branding CAN look fun or approachable

Zotto is my way of showing that you can still look professional, without compromising your fun personality and approachability!

Having a playful otter mascot doesn't devalue my professional skills and knowledge as a brand designer, and personality-infused branding certainly doesn't devalue you and your business!

Become unforgettable & distinct

Zotto serves as a unique and memorable representation of my brand. He's become a recognisable visual element that strongly distinguishes me from my competitors.

Zotto helps me leave a lasting impression on my audience. He's too cute to forget, and is so personalised to my brand that he's easy to identify with my brand!

I want your branding to be just as unforgettable! 🤩

Become the point of engagement & community

People engage with me just because they see Zotto and share the love for him!
He represents the spirit of empowerment in my community and this fosters a deeper connection with my audience and drives deeper engagement.

By leveraging unique brand assets, you're not just creating visual appeal, but also fostering opportunities for engagement and community-building.

Whether that's through social media posts with branded illustrations or interactive activities centred around your unique brand elements, you can create a shared experience that strengthens the bond between you and your audience.


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